Cheese Celebration Cakes

Cheese Wedding Cake
Cheese Wedding Cake
Cheese Wedding Cake

Cheese wedding cakes and celebration cakes, have really taken off. They are often chosen as something different, as an addition or instead of a more traditional fruit / sponge cake. Choose the right cheeses and decorate them or leave them ‘naked’ and it’ll be stunning, the centre of attention.

Reasons choose Cheese on Coast to supply your cheese celebration cake…..

We are very passionate about cheese, as you can see. Cheesemongers first and foremost, we can advise on type, amount and any complimentary additions for you to consider e.g. Have you though of having a basket of savoury home baked cheese and onion scones with assorted toppings instead of crackers ?

We know how special these events are and prepare each celebration cake bespoke to your individual requirements. Shape and proportions matter if a cake is to look really good, We take a lot of care over the design. Contact Cheese on Coast on 01736 793411 or via email to discuss further. A senior member of the team will work with you to understand what is required and ensure that your cake is something to be remembered (and enjoyed) by all your guests.

Just so you know, it’s not in Cheese on Coast’s nature to add a premium to customers wanting a celebration cake, in fact, quite the opposite, we offer a discount based on the cakes being full wheels and truckles and not needing as much handling as individual cut pieces.

Lead times for celebration cakes

Please try and give Cheese on Coast as much notice as you possibly can, ideally at least a month. Cheese on Coast can manage with less, but it’s helpful to have plenty of notice for these VIO’s (Very important orders).